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                                                Vst Instruments 


                    Soundfont Player         SFPLR



1 MB soundfont player with Multi Filter, (Low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject and moog2LFOs, 2 envelope generators, chorus.   Very easy to use, the upper section deal with the sound while the lower section deal with the modulations. 

              Phase Distortion Synthesis

       Le Bass 303


34 Presets so far, 1Mb.

2 phase distortion oscillators with saw, square, pulse, double sine, saw-pulse, reso1, reso2, reso3 waveforms. Two envelopes, one as amplitude envelope, the other as modulation envelope,  LFOs, a joystick that modulate phase when pushed upwards and LFOs rate when moved sideways, bass boost, delay and a sequencer. The sequencer can be used to modulate the oscillators pitch or phase modulation depth and will sync with the host.

            Sample Based Synthesis          Monstrum  





 128 Presets, 50 Mb.

 2 oscillators with 56 waves, a noise oscillator with white and pink noise. Multifilters Filters, (Low pass 6db, LP12, LP24, LP 36, high pass 6db, HP12, HP24, band pass, band reject and moog filter) the filters can be set to serial or parallel, a matrix with lot of different possible routings, Modwheel and pitch bender can be used as modulation sources. Other modulation sources are LFOs, filter envelope, velocity and aftertouch.

                         Piano Rompler           Ivory



  58Mb, 5 different pianos, grand bright, soft piano, modern piano, blues piano and old west piano. 1 lfo,   1 envelope, 1 low pass filter and a reverb.                                  The modulation sources are:

Lfo, velocity,aftertouch,and bender.


                Wave Draw Synthesizer             PX5





  70 Presets, 1.5 Mb.

PX5 is a hibrid semi modular subtractive/phase distorsion synthesizer. Two wave draw oscillators capable of producing exotic vibrations, two multi filters, one for each oscillator, with low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject and peak. A multi stage advance EG can be used to modulate many of the synth parameters, two EG, one for each oscillator, two LFOs, one step LFO, trance gate, chorus, delay, phase modulator and a matrix with many different routings possible.



                Subtractive Synthesizer        Cynthia Vsti
  50 Presets, around 1Mb. Cynzia is a Subtractive Synthesizer sporting two analogue style oscillators with a twist, each voice has two oscillators with pulse width and the usual sine, saw, ramp, triangle, pulse and white noise waveforms, Ring Modulator. Oscillator B sync to oscillator A if desired. Four envelope generators, one for each oscillator, one as an amplitude envelope and the other as a filter envelope. Two filters that can be used in serial or parallel with ten different filters to choose from, Low Pass6, LP12, LP24, LP36, High Pass6, HP12, HP24, Band Pass, Band Reject and Moog Filter. Two LFOs with sine, saw, ramp, triangle, square and white noise waveforms, the LFOs can be synced to various beat resolution if desired. Chorus, reverb and Drive. A matrix with lot routings possible. The modulation souces are the LFOs, Filter Envelope, ModWheel, Pitch Bender, Velocity and Aftertouch. The modulation destinations are too many to mention.
                                 Drum Machine            RB 701




 My take in building a drum machine, 7 wave players with an envelope generator each, a sequencer, EQ, distortion, dual band compressor.    The knobs and faders can be used as modulation source, knobs modulate attack, decay, sustain, sustain time and release, the faders can be used to modulate volume level or the pitch of the wave being used in each wave players. It has great potentials but it needs a few improvements.


                                                       Vst FX



              Dual Band Compressor      2 Band Comp



 Dual band compressor, high and low frequencies, RMS mode and peak modehard-soft knee plus Cross over.


                 Parallel Compressor            P. Comp      




 Parallel compression, also known as New York compression is a useful technique to beef up percussion, drums, basses or even vocals. Peak mode and RMS Mode with hard and soft knee.



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