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Reason refill Novation Nova Deluxe


                         Novation Nova Deluxe 


A collection of 261 patches, bank A and bank B, 2560 wave files recorded in mono & Stereo at 16 bit 44.100Hz. 24 Combinator patches, 3 Redrum Patches, 43 Rex Files, 233 NN-XT patches 1.05Gb refill, Where needed, the files have been looped to perfection.


A Little Bit of History:


Novation has basically re-packaged the SuperNova into a desktop performance module and dubbed it the Nova. It uses analog Sound Modeling (ASM) to create stunningly clean but analog-like sounds. "3 completely independent oscillators, a variable noise source and 2 ring modulators per voice. This combined with the Nova's 12 voice polyphony means that there are 36 Oscillators, 24 Ring Modulators and 12 Noise sources available at once.

All these waveforms can be combined in the Mixer section allowing the creation of very fat and complex timbres.

There's also over 130 modulation routings. Two inputs for filtering external sounds, a 40 band vocoder and 42 simultaneous effects including Distortion, Comb Filter, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger,

Delay, Reverb, Panning, Tremolo and EQ.

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