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Reason Refill Access Virus



                                                 Access Virus C Vol 1.1



1186 Wave Files, 223 NN-XT Patches: 50 Bass Patches, 31 lead Patches, 16 keyboard Patches, 30 Pad Patches, 18 Strings Patches, 30 FX Patches, 6 Wave Patches, 42 various Patches, 1 redrum patch, 76 Rex Files, 58 Scream 4 patches and 39 RV7000 patches FX.


The wave files are recorded in mono and stereo at 16 bit, 44.100Hz.


Go to to download a demo mp3 or reason refill demo, to judge the quality of this refill for yourself.


Upon receiving payment I will send the refill to the e-mail address connected with the paypal account. Good luck and happy bidding...


A Little Bit of History:


A brand new and ever more powerful strain of the Virus was released in 2002 to replace the entire B Series line-up. First up is the flag-ship desktop module, the Virus C. Polyphony is expanded from 24 to 32 voices! Otherwise the synth engine is virtually the same as the B series. Three oscillators, one sub osc., two independent multi-mode filters, two ADSTR envelopes, three LFOs, 16 arpeggiators, 32-band vocoder, five FM synthesis modes and 16 part multitimbrality. The C series offers an expanded mod matrix with 6 source and 9 destination slots, 98 effects, wood side panels, and more! A new 3-band EQ section is available as well as an Undo/Redo function. The operating systems can be easily upgraded via MIDI and there is a free SoundDiver Virus editor/librarian for Windows and MacOS systems available. It has been used by Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, and Max Graham.

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